Wellness Talks & Seminars

Healthy Living Tips for Home, Office or on the Go~

Live-Relax-Evolve:  30-45 minutes + questions… Offering interactive discussions and healthy explorations on wellness, self-care and maintenance. Designed for corporate and small businesses… morning, lunchtime, evening or special events. Can be modified for personal events as well.

I am happy to take this opportunity to share with you a few healthy habits for the mind, body and soul. Thank you, kindly. Mimi Clayton of Mimi’s Organic Exchange.

Massage Therapist, Holistic Practitioner and Educator

“Here’s to us because we can” Nurture. Flourish. Growth. Transformation

How can you be a partner with yourself and your health?

Educate yourself on simple lessons to engage in living. Learn how one can reclaim and maintain his/her health through conscious movement. Understand more about body awareness and balance. This interactive discussion will give healthy, green, sustainable tips, and habits for the mind, body and soul! One is capable to create his/her own personal self-care and maintenance program for the appropriate lifestyle.

We will explore and exemplify the holistic principle of happiness through integration of a healthy mind, body and spirit.

Postural alignment and stress release can begin in the feet, our soles (and souls)..our foundation of our home. Learn about health-care, professional life development, self-care and maintenance. I am able to work with a wide range of ages and professions. I assist in the healing process for one to help transform his/her life path in beneficial ways. The individuals discover how to take his/her own health into ones own hands, claim ones own health and become ones self-healer. I invite you to take the next step in a healthy lifestyle. Grow Young

I have put together a sampling of simple habits and tips that you can incorporate into your daily lifestyle at the home, office, shopping or on the go! Each are beneficial individually and even stronger as a team. The habits can alter the way you feel and respond to the world around you, giving you a strong center, increasing your energy and expanding a sense of well being. The presentation will demonstrate how everything is connected and interdependent. It’s a way of thinking.. positive interactions. In our time, it is important to be participatory and practice prevention in his/her health-care. Please remember to love oneself and others to help our environment.

Massage Therapy, Bodywork and Education for a Balance Life

The interactive discussion and wellness talk will include tips and habits that may help strengthen the mind, body and soul. While taking care of yourself, remember to sustain Mother Earth as well. Please Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Re-purpose. Together we can strengthen our community.

  • Lifestyle choices and Prevention Habits
  • Meditation, Grounding, 3 second pause rule and Breathing Techniques
  • Disciplines, Routines and Rituals for beneficial energy and motivation
  • Proprioception Exercises, Stretching from head to toe, yoga poses, Chi Kung, nutrition and energy
  • Movement Consciousness Therapy and Awareness (MCTA)
  • Herbs, Aromatherapy, Gardening and simple recipes for preparation & cooking
  • Learn about H2O ( water intake) and electrolyte intake, Holistic Anti-inflammatory agents and everyday healthy habits for everyday living.
  • Healthy and clean eating tips including cleanses and detoxes
  • Information on massage therapy, holistic practitioners, alternative medicine, natural health for the body and facial care (aesthetics), crystal and stone knowledge
  • Healthy choices to cleanse and rejuvenate
  • Ways to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Re-purpose

Now let’s all take a moment to listen to ourselves. Sit back and listen to your breathing. It ma be short, heavy or staggered. Let’s tune in and take control.. You own it. Now breathe a nice inhale through the nose into the belly, hold and slowly exhale out the mouth. Repeat…as many times as you like. Find your center.

Breathing..we do it everyday. Let us try and pay attention to it. Take a moment. Allow yourself to let the world stop and find your center!